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By combining the best aspects of several different fields of medicine we are able to provide you with the most individualized care possible. These fields include Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Homeopathic Medicine, and Naturopathic Medicine. Lab tests like X-ray, MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound, and blood tests may also be used to help guide your treatment.

TCM involves the use of complex herbal formulas and dietary therapy prescribed to address your specific patterns of imbalance. Treatment is designed to maintain optimum function of all organ systems, and the body as a whole. These principles and treatments have been successfully used throughout the world for thousands of years.

Homeopathic Medicine has been practiced since the early 1900's in the United States. At that time it was the primary method of treatment for everything from the common cold to complex infectious diseases like smallpox, cholera, and scarlet fever. It was the original "Western" medicine. Homeopathy is based on the "Law of Similars", which states that "Like Cures Like". This means that a substance that can produce symptoms when taken in a full dose can eliminate those same symptoms when taken in a tiny diluted dose.

Naturopathic Medicine is a term that encompasses all other fields of natural medicine including Western Herbal Medicine and supplementation with Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-oxidants, Proteins, Essential Fatty Acids, etc.

By combining the most appropriate treatment options for each patient, a realistic, drug-free, and effective treatment plan can be created.